Harkány, miasto uzdrowisk

Its name was first mentioned in a document dated back in 1323 as Nagh Harkan. The thermal bath and the open-air swimming pool with its 180-year history has become a world famous well-established holiday place.

The unique sulphurous medical water provides effective help to the treatment of rheumatic, skin, locomotor, psoriasis, gynecological diseases and to gastric problems by bathing, mud packing and by drinking therapy.

The Thermal Bath offers a watersurface of 7000 m2, a park place of 5000 m2, 3 medicinal and 5 thermal water pools.

The thermal bath and the open-air swimming pool of Harkány is a great place for families. Its park lays on 13,5 hectares and the particular covered leisure places of the bath give pleasure and relaxation for everyone.

The events of the town by taking in famous participants offer (ing nem kell) a quality relaxation to both domestic and foreign visitors and to all age-groups throughout the whole year.

Annual events are the „Devil Drive Out Day” (at the end of february), the „Cultural Meeting of Southern Transdanubien German Minority Groups”, May-tree put-up, the dancing-out of the May-tree, the „Whitsun Festival”, the „Harkány Bath Festival”, the „Long Weekend in Harkány” (in august), the „Harkány Vintage Festival”.

Every weekend from June till september programmes and balls are organised on the open-air stage.

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