Zabytki w Harkanie

1. Catholic church and church garden: The passion of Jesus, that was made of enamel by Morvai László can be seen on the exterior wall of the church founded in the 1990 years.

2. Calvinistic church: It is found in the Kossuth Lajos street paralel to the Thermal Bath. The ancient monument was built in 1802 and it is under national monument protection.

3. Calvinistic church in Terehegy: The church is found in Terehegy on a little hill. It was built in 1798 and is also under national monument protection.

4. Zsigmondy promenade, park: The park is situated south from the Thermal Bath in the historic park. Several fine artworks and comfortable benches are waiting for the guests.

5. Harka fountain: The fountain what was set up in 2000 is in the historic park. The valuable Zsolnay fountain illustrates the legend of the medical water in Harkány.

6. Fountain with orb: The fountain was set up in 2000 and stands in front of the Town Hall. It is the masterpiece of Vajda László and Kamerer Tamás.

7. Thermal bath: A 1.350.000 square meters park offers a watersurface of 7000 m2, a park place of 5000 m2, 3 medicinal and 5 thermal water pools.


Futó László Pál Museum

It is a constant art exhibition of multidimensional works. In the gallery there is the exhibition of contemporary artists which changes in every month.


Paleonthological exhibition

Harkány, community centre


In the surroundings of Harkány, Siklós and Drávaszabolcs a beautiful floodplain area on 10.000 hectares are waiting for the lovers of the forests and the hunting. The German and Austrian hunters come back in every year and they like also the pleasant tranquillity the Duna-Dráva National Park gives.

The most important angler water of the neighbourhood:


Great lakes are waiting for the lovers of fishing in the underneath mentioned settlements:



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