Due to its historical, cultural, art and spiritual heritage, traditions of its ethnicities, as well as its geographic location and its environment, Pécs is one of the most exciting and versatile Hungarian city. A place, where we can find the traces of the Ottoman rule among the monuments of Christian culture. In 2010 Pécs was European Capital of Culture, according to which title it is continuously developing even today.

It is rich in monuments recorded as part of the UNESCO World Heritage: Early Christian Mausoleum, Late Roman burial chapel, Cella Septichora Visitor Centre. One of its most beautiful place of interest is the Zsolnay Quarter, which was declared Hungaricum in 2014. The heritage of the Zsolnay family, famous for china production, can be visited here on an area of 5 hectares full of memories from the past. Visitors can choose from special local products in the Street of Artisan Shops. They offer many interesting things to children as well: outdoor playgrounds, the Lab - Interactive House of Playful Science, Planetarium, Aquarium-Terrarium, Magic Hour (spectacular physics experiments), Bóbita Puppet Show, Ceramics Painting Workshop and the programmes of the Hercules Workshop. In Pécs there is a tradition to leave locks with the initials of the lovers in the Janus Pannonius street. Further points of interest may be the first telephone switchboard of Pécs and Mecsextrém park, where those interested can test their courage.

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