The surroundings of Harkány is rich of leisure activities and in points of interest. When you leave the town to the West in the direction of Vajszló and Sellye, you get to Kórós, where the church has a coffered ceiling which is a unique point of interest in the area of Ormánság.

Dráva is known as the cleanest river in Europe. It offers holidaymakers excellent fishing points, boat trips and the nature beauty in the Danube-Drava National Park. In the direction to Drávaszabolcs or Siklós, there is Matty with a lake that is an old and popular fishing paradise.

From Drávaszabolcs you might as well plan a trip to the Croatian town Donji Miholjac. You can reach the town on the Croatian side of the Drava in a few minutes, where the castle of Count Majláth and the park and arboretum around the castle are extraordinary spectacles.

In Hungary, monuments from the Árpád-era are very rare, since most of our Christian symbols and churches have been destroyed under the Ottoman rule. Therefore the two churches remained from the Árpád-era, in Túrony and Nagyharsány, near Harkány, are special tourist attractions.

We highly recommend to go along the road Siklós-Nagyharsány-Villány-Villánykövesd, since this road leads to the castle of Siklós, which is the castle remained the most intact in Hungary.

To the north of Siklós there is the church of Máriagyűd, and marks with its two towers from a distance the legendary pilgrimage town, where Virgin Mary appeared. When we enter the church, we find an amazing church interior. On highlighted feast days of the church, particularly on the day of Assumption of Mary into Heaven (15 August) and on the day of the Nativity of Mary (in September), the day when Mary was born, a lot of pilgrims visit the shrine. The deservedly famous pilgrimage site was granted the title of Basilica Minor on 24 September 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Along the road leading to Nagyharsány-Villány you can find the famous sculpture park of Nagyharsány, from where you can make a hike to the Szársomlyó hill. From the easily approachable grooved ridge of the rock there is a beautiful panorama to all directions.

If you prefer easy mountain walks, we highly recommend you to go to the Tenkes hill situated to the north from Harkány, where you will find both short and longer, romantic hiking trails.

As a closing to our short trip in the region, we recommend to visit Villány and Villánykövesd, one of the most prestigious wine regions of Hungary.

Harkány, the bath town

Harkány is one of the most significant and most beautiful thermal baths of Hungary, in the southern part of Baranya County, in a region with Mediterranean climate.


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