The small details of this wine region rich in red and white wines offer wonderful experiences. Viniculture has an almost 1000-year history in this area. The prestige of the Villány wine region is primarily provided by red wines since decades in spite of the fact that it offers an almost perfect and full range of wines to the wine market. Villányi Franc deserves particular attention. This type originates from Bordeaux, France, but found its natural home in the Villány wine region. Due to the special growing place and climate, as well as the creative winegrowers, the wine made 100% of cabernet franc is called Villányi Franc. This wine type became the flagship product of Villány doing beautifully in the international field as well. Over and above red and white wines rosé and schiller are next. Further popular red wines are also the following: Cabernet Sauvignon, Kadarka, Blaufränkisch und Merlot.

The wine museum in the former tithe-cellar presents the instruments and the tradition of ancient winemaking. Many wine tastings, culture, family programmes and endless summer festivals await visitors. There is always a reason for clinking glasses! Furthermore, in Villánykövesd we can visit the famous site of tourists, frequent subject of painters and photographs: the three-storey wine cellar village. The series of cellars is under monument protection and is one of the most spectacular monument complex in Hungary.

Our hotel is since 2008 member of the Villány-Siklósi Borút [Villány-Siklós Wine Route].

The first wine route of Hungary was established in autumn 1994, by the cooperation of eight settlements, grape- and wine-growing private individuals, entrepreneurs and NGOs. Due to the gradual interest, the wine route meanders through 18 settlements today.

Along the Villány Mountains, from the shrine of Máriagyűd to the cellar village of Palkonya, a bonanza of wine tastings, cellars under monument protection, wine competitions, festivals, folklore events is offered the guests.

On the way, historical sites, nature beauty and masterpieces of folk architecture in the villages and on the vineyards ensure recreation. Along with local specialities and savoury wines, village inns, pensions and hotels cordially welcome the guests.

We highly recommend the following wineries:

Polgár Pincészet [Polgár Winery]
Gere Attila Pincészete [Winery of Attila Gere]
Vylyan Szőlőbirtok [Vylyan Vineyards]
Bock Borászat [Bock Winery]
Günzer Tamás Pincészete [Winery of Tamás Günzer]
Wunderlich Látványpince [Wunderlich Show Winery]
Csányi Pincészet [Csányi Winery]
Maul Pincészet [Maul Winery]
Villány, Hunyadi utca 19.
Villány, Erkel Ferenc u. 2/A.
Kisharsány, Fekete-hegy
Villány, Batthyány utca 15.
Villány, Déryné u. 10.
Villány, Baross Gábor út 108.
Villány, Ady fasor 2.
Villány, Baross G. u. 39/A.

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